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Taylor Hill: 'I worked hard for my success'

Taylor Hill: 'I worked hard for my success'

Taylor Hill wishes she knew what modelling was like before she began.

The fashion star may be just 20, but she's already posed for the likes of H&M, Versace and Victoria's Secret. While her career may appear to be a success now, it wasn't an easy ride to the top for Taylor.

“Modelling is about staying relevant,” Taylor told US Vogue. "(It can be) very hard, very sad, very lonely... even if you open the show, you are not guaranteed to get the campaign.

“I wish I knew what modelling was like when I started. There was no Instagram. My life wasn’t all sparkles and butterflies. I worked my ass off. People who followed me from the beginning (on Facebook) know this.”

Social media is an important aspect of Taylor's livelihood and she insists those starting out in fashion now need to embrace their online presence.

With travelling a big part of her job, the brunette beauty often gets homesick for Colorado while jetting around the globe. On Wednesday (09Mar16) she walked for Miu Miu as part of Paris Fashion Week, and took time to reflect on her work after the show.

“Maybe one day I would like to sit at the shows, not walk in the shows," she sighed.

But there are plenty of perks to being a model. She doesn't just wear designer gear on the runway; her own personal wardrobe is impressive too.

“It sounds stupid, but you need it, because this is your job, too," she said of investing in proper fashion pieces. "I buy EVERYTHING."

And when she isn't busy being an A-list fashionista, Taylor makes time for her friends back home. She's aware of how important it is to have people who keep her down to earth, and it turns out her dad is one of them as he originally wanted her to go to university on a music scholarship.

“It’s important to have a conversation,” she said, “but also to do what you like.”

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