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Taylor Hill: 'I'm a natural-born cheater'

Taylor Hill: 'I'm a natural-born cheater'

Model Taylor Hill has to use a trainer to get fit as she cheats in exercise classes.

The brunette beauty landed her Victoria's Secret Angel wings in 2015, which gave her a whole new level of fame. But being the face of a lingerie company means Taylor, 20, has to look good at all times, therefore she follows a healthy diet and works out as much as she can with the help of a professional.

"I used to do a lot of weight training, lifting and things like that," she told Byrdie. "It was really difficult, which I liked, but then I realised I wasn't really getting the results that I wanted. You have to drink gnarly protein shakes and all of that to build that muscle, especially when you're as tall as me. I'm like, I can't develop muscle, it's just not working!

"I'm a natural-born cheater. I cheat on everything - I cheated on tests (don't tell my teachers), I cheat workouts, I eat whatever I want! So I just needed someone to watch me and make sure I'm doing it correctly. When I have an hour I just want to give everything I have to that and... like, really work out."

Taylor participates in slow, muscle targeting workouts using two-pound weights and gliding discs. She likens her workouts to floor Pilates and while she understands it may not sound or look difficult, sometimes she finds herself "quivering" during weights.

Before becoming a model Taylor struggled with her confidence, admitting she used to be bullied for her statuesque 5ft 9in frame. But since first walking for Victoria's Secret in 2014, the star has turned her outlook around.

"I was so not confident, and becoming a model - and especially a VS girl - has really changed my perspective on who I am," she added. "It's kind of given me a new light: You're beautiful no matter what you look like, no matter what body type you have. I always envied curvy women, because I wasn't that. The grass is always greener, and you'll always have to deal with that."

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