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Tavi Gevinson: How is Schuman relevant?

Tavi Gevinson: How is Schuman relevant?

Tavi Gevinson has queried why The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman's opinion on fashion would be of interest to anyone.

The 19-year-old star first found attention aged 12 thanks to her fashion blog and was quickly invited to sit front row at fashion shows. Not everyone was so taken with her though, with the fellow blogger questioning why she was so well known. In 2011 he called her "just a kid" and suggested her fame was all media hype, as she was too young to know anything about fashion.

Tavi has responded to this in the past, and she once again touched on the subject while appearing at the Vulture Festival this weekend.

"What a stupid thing to say! Why would a middle-aged man’s opinion on fashion be more relevant than a teenage girl’s? That’s crazy!" she laughed, according to "That’s just related in general to people having these really weird ideas about who’s allowed to talk about what and who’s the authority on different things. There was a lot of that conversation happening when my blog was getting attention... Fashion does not start at a certain age [and] a teenager is probably more the demographic for [fashion] than a middle-aged man.”

Her comments reportedly went down well with the crowd, who were all laughing along.

Although Tavi is still interested in fashion, she's branched out over the last few years. She has appeared in a Broadway play alongside Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin, and is the editor of a magazine she created called Rookie.

These days she thinks its personal style which is the most important thing, rather than what is seen on runways.

"There isn’t a lot of new stuff that can be done in fashion, I think, just because of it being 2015,” she suggested. “Now we all have access to all this stuff and you don’t need to know the history of something to be attracted to it on an aesthetic level, so we all look great. And I feel like if you want to form your personal style, it’s not about, ‘How can I be unique?’ because I don’t think that exists."

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