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Taraji Henson won't get caught looking 'crazy' when she doesn't wear make-up

Taraji Henson won't get caught looking 'crazy' when she doesn't wear make-up

Taraji Henson doesn't like getting caught looking "crazy" when she hasn't applied any make-up.

The 46-year-old American actress has admitted her fame has made her fearful of being caught looking worse for wear, and has led her to apply a face full of cosmetic products when she is shopping in fear of being spotted by fans who want to grab a quick picture with the 'Empire' star.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her beauty secrets, the brunette beauty - who recently collaborated with the beauty brand M.A.C Cosmetics on a new make-up range - she said: "Because of this thing called fame, I can't get caught looking crazy. So even if I'm running to the store, I'm going to make myself look pretty. At the very least, I apply mascara and a lip balm, gloss or nude lipstick from my M.A.C line. You never know [who will ask], 'Can I get a picture?'"

And the star has admitted she "loves" to experiment with different beauty products and trends, although she never wants to look too overdone.

She said: "I just love to play with make-up - but I don't ever want [my look] to be too much. You've got to balance things out. I have really big, expressive eyes, so if I do a bold eye, then I go softer on the lips."

The brunette beauty - who plays Cookie Lyon in the American drama series - has revealed spending almost three decades in front of the camera has "really damaged" her tresses, which has led her to adorn false hair pieces and wigs on set.

She explained: "I feel like relaxing my hair for 26 years really damaged it. But it's natural now--and I love it. For 'Empire' I use wigs. I keep my hair braided in lots of teeny cornrows, so the wigs fit on my head. When I take them out, I'll sit under a steamer while I deep-condition my hair."