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Tamy Glauser names Nicolas Ghesquiere as her hero

Tamy Glauser names Nicolas Ghesquiere as her hero

Model Tamy Glauser credits Nicolas Ghesquiere for changing her life because he accepted her buzz cut.

The fashion star stands out in a crowd thanks to her androgynous style and shaved head, which has seen her walk for big brands including Creatures of the Wind and Vivienne Westwood. But it was Louis Vuitton designer Ghesquiere who helped transform her into the in demand model she is today.

“It feels a bit surreal, considering my start in this industry," she told "To be booked for a money job actually seemed like a joke. People said things like, ‘But what should we do with her? She has no hair!’ I looked into things that could move me away from modelling, but decided to give it another shot.

"And that’s where Nicolas Ghesquiere came in and changed my life, as well as the whole buzz cut game. All of a sudden it was no longer just street and not worth any money, but trendy and chic. I know a few people who shaved their hair, directly linked to me. That is a huge compliment. After all, a shaved head for women in Western society is quite the statement."

While she's flattered by the attention, Tamy does admit models who shave their heads to boost their carer annoy her, as she struggled to get recognised in the beginning. However she doesn't hold a grudge and is more focused on her own path than comparing herself to others.

As for gender fluid aesthetic, Tamy insists androgyny isn't a new phenomenon in fashion - it's just more widely promoted now.

"Think of the suits Yves Saint Laurent created for women in the ’70s, think of Grace Jones in the ’80s," she said. "The difference between now and the past is clearly the Internet. Now the industry can reach every household, poor or rich, instantly. Since I have been modelling, I observed several changes in society that originated in fashion. It’s a wonderful thing that the fashion industry realises that thinking in gender is nothing but a self-restriction."

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