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Tamara Mellon's will 'never' put items in her footwear line on sale

Tamara Mellon's will 'never' put items in her footwear line on sale

Tamara Mellon's will "never" put her footwear line on sale.

The 49 year-old fashion designer - who co-founded the luxury designer brand Jimmy Choo in 1996 where she stayed at the helm of the brand before leaving in 2011 after 16 years - has admitted she doesn't intend on ever reducing the price of the shoes in her eponymous label, because she doesn't believe people feel "great" when they wear sale items.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, the brunette beauty said: "We're never going on sale. Nobody ever feels great buying something on sale, and department stores have created this problem in the markets because they've trained everyone to wait for sales."

And the creative mastermind has revealed she has carefully created the footwear to feel comfortable and "kick a**", and she has purposefully designed "timeless pieces" for the Tamara Mellon brand because she wants to sell items that can "always" be sold online and never go out of fashion.

Speaking about her creations, she said: "My shoes are for looking great, feeling comfortable - and kicking ass.

"Women are not shopping in the same way they used to ... they want an honest price. They also want to buy something today and wear it tomorrow, which is why we'll have timeless pieces that will stay online always, as well as a 'Lab' collection featuring something new every month."

Meanwhile Tamara has revealed she prides herself in her ability to run in heels, and believes a good pair of stilettos can brighten anyone's day.

She said: "I can run in heels. Actually I pride myself on how fast I can run in heels. Heels aren't anti-feminist. They have nothing to do with looking sexy for men - they're not there for men's benefit, but our own.

"If you put on a great pair of heels, it's mood altering and I always feel empowered in high heels. One thing I'm tired of, though, is being in pain."