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Tamara Mellon: Daughter is my accountant

Tamara Mellon: Daughter is my accountant

Tamara Mellon's daughter chastises her when she overspends.

The co-founder of Jimmy Choo sold her share of the company in 2011 and now has her own clothing line. Although it's doing well, the designer can't splash out too much because her 12-year-old daughter Araminta - whose father is Tamara's ex-husband Matthew Mellon - keeps a close eye on her outgoings.

"Minty's interested in fashion, but I call her the family accountant. She is a grade-A student in maths - she checks on my own spending and tells me off," Tamara laughed to British magazine Hello! "I think I will just be supportive of whatever she wants to do with her life, providing I see she is passionate about it."

Tamara was also quizzed on her time at the helm of Jimmy Choo, which was largely positive. Although she ended up standing down, she only looks back on the period with joy.

"I have no regrets. I am very proud of the business that I created from scratch and I'm shocked that I was only 27 when I started it," she said.

Now the star is fully focused on her fashion label, which is different to others. She has eschewed the normal seasons in favour of offering pieces which are instantly available and suitable for the current climate, something she believes is much more forward thinking than presenting lines six months in advance.

Tamara is proud of everything she has achieved in the realm of business, citing her late father as the person who pushed her and made her believes in herself.

"His views and values turned me into an entrepreneur. Having grown up very much a daddy's girl, then having had the wonderful wisdom of his business acumen to help guide me in the early years of Jimmy Choo, when he died suddenly in April 2004 it was like hitting a brick wall. The suddenness and subsequent breaking up of my family was very painful," she explained.

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