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Tabitha Simmons: ‘Don’t be afraid to mix prints’

Tabitha Simmons: ‘Don’t be afraid to mix prints’

Tabitha Simmons is fully on board with the mixing prints trend.

The British stylist and footwear designer launched her debut collection in 2009, offering cool ankle boots and chic floral sandals.

With celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth and Liv Tyler all turning to Simmons’ designs to take their spotlight-worthy looks to new heights, the style maven ensures she keeps an eye on fashion trends for her designs, and at present is particularly fond of bold patterns.

“I like mixing print with print – you shouldn’t be afraid of it,” she told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine. “But I do try to keep them sort of the same scale… I also keep the look vaguely tonal – it all visually blends into one, (like when) the greens in the shoes mix with the green in the frock.”

When it comes to being on-trend, Simmons is a big fan of loafers and pairing socks with heels.

But while the sock trend is all over the catwalks, the designer advises fashionistas to be careful when trying the look out for themselves. She suggests pairing shoes with fine black socks alongside a sharp trouser suit to make it as “grown-up” as possible rather than looking “too cute and young”.

“If you’re going to try this trend, you definitely need to make sure they look like socks,” she shared.

In terms of her own wardrobe, Simmons has an “embarrassingly large” collection of footwear.

Although she doesn’t go crazy buying clothes, Simmons’ personal archive includes everything from collectible Balenciaga Lego boots to towering Alexander McQueen platforms.

“You put a new pair with an old dress and it looks new again,” she smiled

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