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Swanepoel: I’m not a goal-setter

Swanepoel: I’m not a goal-setter

Candice Swanepoel doesn't set herself career goals.

The stunning model has achieved star status in the fashion industry with a contract for Victoria's Secret and campaigns for the likes of Tom Ford and Nike under her belt.

While it would be easy to assume she's always thinking about the next step, the 26-year-old actually takes a very relaxed approach.

"Everything I've experienced so far has been great," she gushed to

"I try not to set too many goals, they just create pressure. I'd rather let life run its course."

That also means she doesn't have a big ten-year plan, loosely visualising herself living by the beach with "tonnes" of children, leading a "normal life".

Maybe her laidback attitude is down to the fact that fashion was never her big dream.

"I always wanted to be a ballerina, I danced a lot as a little girl," she smiled. "But then more and more people approached me with this idea of becoming a model, and so the idea lodged itself in my brain and grew. I've always liked fashion and beauty, so I became a model."

Candice counts 90s models like Karen Mulder as her inspiration, and for people who idolise the star herself, she shared her beauty tips.

"I wear a lot of make-up for work, so it's very important for me to have clean skin at the end of the day," she explained. "I use a brilliant cleansing solution with tea tree oil and green tea. I also like to use coconut oil as a make-up remover. I get a facial once a month, religiously. I'm not telling you where though - it's already hard enough to get an appointment!"

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