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Suki Waterhouse's razor brows

Suki Waterhouse's razor brows

Suki Waterhouse used to shave her eyebrows down the middle.

The British model is one of the most in-demand names in the industry and has worked with huge labels like Burberry. She's viewed as a style icon by girls across the globe, but even Suki, 23, hasn't always been the fashionista she is today.

"I used to shave my eyebrows down the middle! I didn’t know about tweezing. I was like, this is an easy way. Now, I’d never do that," she admitted to Teen Vogue.

These days she counts eyebrow gel among her must-have products and says using it feels as good as getting a fancy blow-dry.

While Suki looks back on her teen days with a wry smile, her younger sisters seem to have missed the awkward phase. Immy is also a model and youngest of the clan, Maddie, is already impossibly stylish.

"My little sister Maddie must be watching tutorials, because she’s ridiculously savvy. She can do my make-up. She is the chicest 16-year-old. She’s gone through no horrible phase! She’s absolutely flying. I think what I’ve taught them... is... they just steal all my stuff. Their make-up bags are full of my Burberry products," she laughed.

One of the things Suki is sure to pass on to her siblings is her confidence. Now that she's grown into her skin, she's completely at ease with herself.

"When I started modelling, I’d be a bit insecure about being slightly bigger and fuller than most girls. But now, luckily, I’ve defied that and no one tells me that I shouldn’t be like that. It’s all good now. When you’re younger you sometimes feel weird and wrong and ugly. It’s such a waste of time," she smiled.

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