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Suki Waterhouse reveals tomboy past

Suki Waterhouse reveals tomboy past

Suki Waterhouse has joked her dad raised her as a boy.

The British model is one of the most in-demand models of the moment, but her feminine charm came much later in life.

Suki is currently gracing the cover of US GQ and filmed a behind-the-scenes video of the beach shoot.

"Hi, I'm Suki Waterhouse and I'm here in LA, shooting with GQ," she smiled into the camera.

"I was such a tomboy, I did karate... I still do karate - I got to brown belt. Yeah, I was such a boy when I was younger. My dad like raised me as a boy, I was always going to football matches, going to karate, doing rock climbing. Very tomboyish."

For the shoot Suki wears an array of beachwear, including a high-cut black swimsuit underneath a white T-shirt. Another looks sees the blonde in tiny denim shorts and a white T-shirt, pulled up to show off her washboard abs.

For the accompanying feature, Suki also touches on her karate skills.

"I studied karate growing up - I'm a brown belt - and me and my sister used to beat the c**p out of each other," she laughed.

Suki has been dating actor Bradley Cooper for two years, and often attends red carpet events on his arm.

She's now based in California and is carving out a movie career of her own, starring in last year's Love, Rosie and the upcoming Insurgent.

"There's something very uplifting about being able to run uphill in between meetings. It's sick," she smiled of LA.

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