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Suki Waterhouse loves 'ugly fashion'

Suki Waterhouse loves 'ugly fashion'

Suki Waterhouse loves "ugly fashion".

The 24-year-old model has admitted she has been slammed for how she styles her ensembles and for not co-ordinating her accessories with her clothes, however the star doesn't care if her outfit doesn't go because she prefers to mix and match and urges more people to wear "weird" outfits.

Speaking about her wardrobe choices she said: "I've always liked the play on girly and sweet where you can also add in a sense of randomness. It was dorky in the 60s, and sexy but not overtly so.

"People are too 'put together' these days, there's not enough 'weird' going on. Sometimes if I put an outfit on Instagram some people will comment going 'Ooh the bag and dress doesn't go' - well maybe I didn't care that they didn't. I almost like the 'ugly' fashion.

"If you think you're a cool girl then you're probably not cool. You might look cool, but that doesn't mean you are."

And the blonde beauty has admitted her unusual fashion sense has stayed with her ever since she was younger, which saw her adorn "laughable outfits" including a "spacesuit" and combat trousers with chains.

She explained: "There was the spacesuit type number, that's the only way I can best describe it. On and I wore combats for years, complete with chains. I feel like i go out in laughable outfits even now, regularly!"

And Suki - who began her modelling career at the age of 16 years old - has admitted she always feared the modelling agency would try to dress her in uber feminine garments including a mini skirt and platform shoes.

Speaking to New Look website, Suki - who stars in the high street stores Autumn/winter 2016 campaign - said: "I really wasn't comfortable at that point with it so I waited a year. Still when I started I was doing karate competitions and wearing baggy combats and t-shirts. I used to be terrified going into the agency, they'd always be trying to get me to put a skirt and heels on!"