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Suki Waterhouse: I had to ditch my Rachel 'do

Suki Waterhouse: I had to ditch my Rachel 'do

Suki Waterhouse has grown out her fringe after realising she looked like Rachel from Friends.

Jennifer Aniston's layered hairstyle in the US sitcom has become something of a legend, even though the star has repeatedly called it the ugliest cut she's ever seen.

It seems that sentiment is something Suki agrees with, as she quickly took steps to change things when she realised she was starting to resemble the 90s character.

"The fringe just stopped working! I keep trying to cut it back in, and it just won't happen. It's got this weird gap instead. No hairdresser can fix it, and now I look like Rachel from Friends," she explained to

People often see imperfections in themselves which aren't noticeable to anyone else. Unfortunately for Suki, this wasn't the case with her hair.

"I know I'm not exaggerating because I sat down with my best friend Georgia [May Jagger] the other night and totally without my saying anything, she goes, 'What is happening? You look like Jennifer Aniston in the 90s.' I was like, 'I knew it! It's not just in my head!'" she laughed.

Although she began her career as a model, Suki has moved into movies now too. She appears in upcoming release Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where she has to kill the undead creatures. It involved a spot of stunt training but nothing too heavy, with the star claiming her usual fitness regime is actually a lot tougher to maintain.

"We did some training with swords, but I have to say, there's not much to it... Pilates is much harder than killing zombies. They're not particularly skilled. You just kind of whack them," she explained.

The star's sister Immy is following her lead and starting to model too, with Suki doing all she can to help. Her sibling may not have asked for any advice but that hasn't stopped the star dishing it out, and she's convinced it will stand Immy in good stead in the future.

"She's lucky [because] she's getting to bypass a lot of bulls**t. When you go into modelling, it can be chaos. I was 15 when I started," she explained. "I had people telling me I was fat and needed to lose weight... I can be like, 'Look, these are the best people to work with. Go bypass everyone and go straight to the crème de la crème.'"

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