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Suki Waterhouse: I grunt at the gym

Suki Waterhouse: I grunt at the gym

Suki Waterhouse enjoys making "strange grunting noises" while boxing.

The British model rocks a slender figure, which she shows off in flattering ensembles in front of and away from the camera.

To keep in shape, Suki likes to pack a punch and especially appreciates the freedom which comes with the movements.

"I'm a vocal boxer! Boxing is awesome, because you can be aggressive and make strange grunting noises and it's OK," she grinned to British magazine Marie Claire. "I do weight training to keep my body toned, but I'm also a strong believer in yoga and its powers to lengthen us out."

Suki also takes care of herself by being careful about what she eats and drinks. She loves a good juice and often visits Earth Bar when in Los Angeles, which boasts a vitamin IV drip.

On the topic of nutrition, the star added that she relies on a sachet packed full of Vitamin C by Altrient to help her get healthy for Fashion Week. She says they rule, despite tasting like "goat poo".

The only time she'll let her guard down is when flying, and with her busy schedule, Suki is often jetting around the globe for various jobs.

"When I'm flying, I usually just collapse and fall asleep for 11 hours straight without drinking water or even taking my make-up off. I'm really not good at looking after myself on a flight," she admitted. "If, however, I'm being good, I'll put on some vitamin C serum and slather myself in HealGel - it's my greatest skin weapon."

And when she gets stressed, Suki turns to headstands to help stimulate her pituitary gland, which as a result calms her mind. She finds the rush of blood to her head helps nourish her skin too.

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