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Suki Waterhouse: Cara's inspirational

Suki Waterhouse: Cara's inspirational

Suki Waterhouse believes Cara Delevingne is "paving the way" for models who want to become actors.

Both catwalk stars are making the transition to the silver screen, with Suki bagging parts in Insurgent and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Cara impressing in The Face of an Angel and Tulip Fever, with several more in the pipeline.

While it used to be difficult to make the transition, 23-year-old Suki believes Cara has set a precedent.

"She's really paving the way for models to become actors, and she's breaking through more than any young actress could hope," Suki gushed in an interview with British Glamour magazine.

But just because they have their sights set on the Oscars doesn't mean the beauties will deprive Fashion Week of their performances. Cara continues to stun in campaigns and Suki also has no plans to ditch the modelling quite yet.

"I'll still model this year, for sure," she reassured her fans. "In today's world, you can do whatever you want. Ten to 15 years ago, it would have been harder to make the move between things, but you only have one life, so why wouldn't you want to do all you can? If I can model in between doing movies, then great."

The blonde beauty was named in Glamour's Women of the Year celebration, which feted her as 2015's Scene Queen. It was an honour for Suki.

"It feels like everything has changed the past year, and I love what I do," she grinned. "Bring on the awards!"

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