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Suki and Imogen Waterhouse are double trouble

Suki and Imogen Waterhouse are double trouble

Suki Waterhouse calls shooting with her sister “a dream”.

The stunning British model and her younger sister Imogen – who has also inherited the good looks – teamed up to pose for American magazine Teen Vogue.

In the snaps they frolic in the English countryside, dressed in soft knits and cute accessories. While some might worry about sibling rivalry, Suki ensures it wasn’t the case.

“It's so incredible being on a shoot with my little sister," she gushed in a behind-the-scenes video for the Teen Vogue website.

“It just makes the day a dream really.”

Imogen cheekily added: "I know what fun. Double the trouble."

In the video the girls compliment the “incredible view”, with lush green fields and clear blue sky. They also play with a cat that visits the set, pick flowers and treat themselves to an ice cream.

“All this English countryside… nothing like it,” they exclaim.

Suki, 23, has been among the It-crowd for a while, walking in the hottest Fashion Week shows and even dating Hollywood star Bradley Cooper.

Now her sister Imogen, 21, is catching up, booking herself a string of catwalk appearances and appearing in Tatler magazine earlier this year.

Having a supermodel for a sister has stood Imogen in good stead.

“Suki has shown me that hard work pays off and rejection is a big part of it,” she explained in her Tatler interview.

“Like Suki, I'm not typical height-wise for a model - so she advised me to just forget about those stereotypes.”

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