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Stuart Vevers: Coach tells a story

Stuart Vevers: Coach tells a story

Designer Stuart Vevers shares the Coach point of view via its ready-to-wear lines.

The fashion star was announced as creative director of the brand in 2013, having previously worked for Mulberry and Loewe.

Several presentations and collections later, Stuart has given Coach a whole new reputation on top of its successful leather accessories.

"I think with our leather goods offer, we know that we're speaking to a big audience, a wide audience," he told when asked how his customers differ. "With our ready-to-wear, we're not trying to create a whole wardrobe; we're not trying to create someone's wardrobe from day to night, work to play. It's about a point of view; it's about telling the Coach story and a new direction.

"The clothing is a great tool for that. And because Coach isn't known for ready-to-wear, every piece has to stand out on its own, every piece has to be something you could only get from Coach. We are finding that it's an incredible tool for customer recruitment."

Stuart finds it exciting when fashion fans choose to purchase items in Coach stores rather than online. He feels the ready-to-wear ranges are helping encourage this and that people are able to explore what the company offers in a new light.

However the designer has no intention of dropping what made Coach famous and is instead determined to expand the brand even more.

"I think there should always be a strong connection between Coach and leather goods - it's what we are, it's what we do," he explained. "I think I'd like it to be not only that. And that's what this collection is about. I don't think Coach just has to be leather goods - that should be its focus and its strength and what it's most known for - but I don't think that limits us from doing other things."

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