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Stephen Jones: Galliano made me

Stephen Jones: Galliano made me

Stephen Jones has praised John Galliano for pushing him to create his best work.

The British milliner has enjoyed a close friendship with the Gibraltar-born designer since around 1993 having made hats for both Dior and Galliano's eponymous label.

Galliano landed the role of creative director of couture label Maison Margiela in October last year after being sacked from Christian Dior following his use of anti-Semitic language in 2011.

Despite the scandal, Jones joins other big fashion stars such as Kate Moss and Coco Rocha in voicing his praise for the icon.

"Working with John Galliano was extraordinary because he pushed me to create my best work. He's a brilliant stylist and knows all about hats," he gushed to

"I remember asking him why he loved them so much and he replied, 'That's a funny question coming from you. It's above the neck on the body that things become really interesting so why would a fashion designer want to stop at the neck?'

"He said, 'If you end things at the neck you're curtailing your expression.' That's exactly why he believes in hair, make-up and an overall look and why he created such extraordinary images that people still love today even though they might be ten or 15 years old."

Stephen doesn't just cater to designers; also on his list of clients are celebrities such as Madonna, Björk and Pink.

But there's still one famous female who Jones has set his eyes on and is determined to design for.

"Apart from a baseball cap on the White House lawn, [US First Lady] Michelle Obama has not worn a hat publicly and I think she'd look great in one. She's got the height, stature and presence to pull most things off," he added.

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