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Stephen Jones: Fashion is toned down

Stephen Jones: Fashion is toned down

Stephen Jones thinks fashion is less fierce than it used to be.

The London-based designer is one of the most famous milliners in the industry having created headpieces for the likes of Britain's late Diana, Princess of Wales and Dita Von Teese.

He's still as busy as ever with work, despite feeling people are less experimental with their looks nowadays.

"The whole world is different and fashion that has any relevance has to mirror that. Ten years ago it was a different generation: Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs at Vuitton, John Galliano at Dior, Alexander McQueen. Fashion was definitely with a capital F. It’s much quieter now. It’s certainly - as we say in fashion - less fierce than it was," he told "It’s more discrete, more wearable in a way and more relevant to people’s lives. But although people do wear more jeans and T-shirts, they still love to look at the crazy ball gown."

Luckily his craft is still in demand and his clients remain loyal to his creative and unusual hats.

It's not an easy task breaking into the world of fashion though, and Stephen understands that while aspiring designers want to stand out it doesn't help them get by in life.

"I think if you’re a young designer now, boy, things are really tough! I did some teaching a few weeks ago and I asked, 'So what’s the biggest influence on your design?' I was thinking they might say Chanel, or music, or social media, but they said, 'Having a £50,000 overdraft when you leave college!'" he sighed. "That’s what shapes their design, naturally, they’re thinking of how to be commercial and sell."

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