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Stephanie Pratt announces debut Goddiva fashion line

Stephanie Pratt announces debut Goddiva fashion line

Stephanie Pratt is to launch her debut fashion line with special occasion brand Goddiva this March.

The SS17 collection is called 'French Kiss' as the 'Made in Chelsea' star lived in Paris and studied design in the French capital and it reflects her passion for the country's culture, Goddiva was the perfect company as she already wears their garments to red carpet events.

The 30-year-old beauty said: "I am so excited to finally present this range, I am so proud of it. Goddiva have been an unbelievable partner, and not just during business hours! I wouldn't have been able to do this without them and I am so grateful that they let a first-time designer be so involved from a to z."

The line is comprised of two parts, the first includes pastel blues, pink hues, pale grey's and nude tones, and the other half consists of sultry figure-hugging silhouettes in deep navy's, rich vintage golds and bold blacks.

A spokesperson for the brand, commented: "Goddiva have been successfully delivering standout trend-inspired collections for almost 10 years. Stephanie's range will not be an exception. Our customers are fashion conscious and savvy individuals with a level of class and sophistication which mirrors Stephanie and her aspirational lifestyle. We cannot imagine someone more appropriate to match our brand vision and we are sure our customers will adore her range."

The blonde beauty previously teased she would be launching her own womenswear line last year.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I'm about to start designing my own range. It's with someone else it'll launch next year, so we started designing in November.

"It'll be everything, but just for women.

"I have no idea about menswear. I'm just like surfer, t-shirt, jeans and converse for men."

And Stephanie said then that she had taken on a large role in designing the garments, which she has always wanted to do ever since she went to university.

She added: "I just know that I get to design, which you know I went to University for so I'm really excited."

And the television personality has revealed the forthcoming collection will be exclusive to the UK and not her home country America because she lives in England permanently now, although she isn't sure if in time it will expand to become a worldwide company.

When asked if the brand will be a global phenomenon, she said: "No its here, I live here."

The first key pieces of Stephanie's extensive 40-piece SS17 collection will be released the first week of March, exclusively to buy at