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Stella McCartney determined to make menswear sustainable

Stella McCartney determined to make menswear sustainable

Stella McCartney is determined to fill a gap in the market by making her menswear sustainable.

The British designer launched her eponymous label back in 2001, and has since built up a reputation for manufacturing garments using economically-sound processes and not using any leather or fur within her clothes and accessories.

McCartney launched her first menswear collection last November (16), showing striped sweaters and relaxed suits, and she hopes to make it just as eco-friendly as her womenswear lines.

"We're providing these (sustainable fashion) solutions for mindful and responsible women consumers that are also modern and chic," she told The South China Morning Post. "So we need to provide that for our male consumers too. Nobody is delivering that in a luxurious way and that's one thing that really inspires me to do menswear."

At present, the 45-year-old claims that over 50 per cent of her womenswear and 45 per cent of her menswear is sustainable. While McCartney, who is vegetarian, received criticism when she first declared her clothes free of animal by-products, she is glad she stuck to her guns.

"I was told many years ago that I wouldn't have a business in accessories," she shared. "I take it as a good challenge. If you can find that aesthetic in design and construct (the bags) in a way that's mindful, responsible and conscious, then magic happens."

When it comes to waste, McCartney claims that single use and disposable items, particularly from plastic, are ending up in landfills, with nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic produced every year.

For her part in creating a more sustainable world, the designer used innovative and recycled materials such as organic cotton, sustainably-sourced viscose, recycled nylon and cruelty-free Skin-Free-Skin in her latest collection.

"For the first three years, it took us time and cost us money. But now we have something that's better for our business in a mindful and emotional way," the designer added.

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