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Stella McCartney: 'Comfort is key for celebrities'

Stella McCartney: 'Comfort is key for celebrities'

Stella McCartney always takes extra care to ensure celebrities feel comfortable when she dresses them for the red carpet.

The British designer has worked with many of the biggest names in the business, with stars such as Charlize Theron opting for her pieces in the past. With awards season set to kick off in full force with the Golden Globes on Sunday (10Jan16) it's likely more of Stella's pieces will be seen on the A-list, and she's given some insights on what preparing for such occasions is like.

"You have to be careful when you work with celebrities, to be open to their needs, responding to colours they feel comfortable in, while being sympathetic to areas they don't feel comfortable with," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "My job is to make women feel comfortable, effortless, happy, sensual. That is critical, whether it be daywear, eveningwear, lingerie, sportswear. When I am working on a red-carpet dress, there is no difference."

Some designers have bemoaned red carpet fashion, with Tom Ford famously stating its "a bubble of 1950s Barbie clothes" which has nothing to do with what's really happening in the industry. Stella wasn't as scathing, explaining that the same ideas underpin everything she does. Whether she's working on eveningwear, gym outfits or casual attire she'll always have the ideas of "glamour and craftsmanship" at the fore.

"That to me is being honest to yourself and not trying to pretend to be something that you are not," she said. "Often times when women wear eveningwear, the dress starts to wear them and it comes across as overly complicated, trying too hard and ultimately the result looks uncomfortable, and I don't think that is the right emotion or message. On these red carpet occasions, the dress should be more the icing on the cake. It's important to find the right way of translating your personality into eveningwear, and to keep it youthful - just the word eveningwear sounds old. So I try to really capture a sense of youth and innocence, simplicity."

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