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Stella Maxwell's Instagram obsession

Stella Maxwell's Instagram obsession

Stella Maxwell is obsessed with following people on Instagram.

The model is a big fan of social media and boasts 1.8 million followers on the photo-sharing app.

She shares everything from behind-the-scenes snaps of high-end photoshoots to pictures of what she gets up to on her down time. But Stella’s main reason for using the technology is to get an insight into others’ lives.

“I’m obsessed with following on Instagram,” she told StyleCaster. “Mainly my friends actually, I don’t really follow anyone I don’t know. I do follow (brands and bloggers), but I try to keep Instagram fun as well, I’m interested to see my colleagues and friends.”

The blonde beauty shared a series of facts about herself during her interview with the website, such as chocolate – especially Ferrero Rocher – being her guilty pleasure and that working with big names in fashion is the best part of her job.

She also touched upon how she maintains her trim figure, explaining: “I’ve been getting into doing a lot of yoga lately, and working out with my trainer. I work out three to four times each week and because I work out a lot during the week so I try to just fit (exercise) in around that. (We do) a lot of weights focusing on building lean muscles rather than bulking up. There’s a lot of stretching and jump rope.”

Quizzed on what activewear brand she rocks to build up a sweat, Stella was quick to name Victoria’s Secret Sport. She walked for the lingerie brand in 2014 and became one of its Angels last year (15), adding to her burgeoning resume which also includes campaigns for the likes of Fendi and Moschino.

“That’s all I wear!” she gushed of VS Sport. “They actually just sent me their new pant and top sets - it’s kind of a tie-dyed blue with a neon yellow strap. It’s really cute and everyone compliments me, even on the street people say like, ‘Your workout gear is really rad.’”

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