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Stefano Pilati doesn't want to become narcissistic

Stefano Pilati doesn't want to become narcissistic

Stefano Pilati believes all designers are "narcissistic".

Until 2012 he was working as head designer of Yves Saint Laurent, now he's creative director at AGNONA and Ermenegildo Zegna.

He might be working for an Italian brand, but the Milan-born fashion star prefers to live in Berlin. He claims he feels his best in the German capital and that it does wonders for his creativity.

“Designers are ambitious, narcissistic, self-centred, they want recognition and they want to save the world and they absorb everything. [Living far away] helps creativity and to remain objective,” he explained to WWD.

And it seems to be working because over the years he's been at Zegna, Stefano has created his identity and moved the brand forward. He's always happy to push boundaries but he'll never throw the menswear label's ethos off course.

“I’m not about to do a pleated skirt or Frankenstein boots for Zegna, but I have developed a new sense of freedom from the confidence I feel in having achieved a balance between formality and fashion for the brand,” he assured consumers.

Stefano is now gearing up to show his new collection in Milan on Saturday. He allowed fans an insight into what will be hitting the runway on the day.

"It’s a continuous evolution,” he explained. “There are Zegna’s specific codes, and tailoring is an important category, but here I’ve worked not only on the silhouettes but also on lighter constructions. The construction becomes a detail of the look."

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