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Sophie Anderton believes modelling made her a 'bag of bones'

FashionBy Sunday World
Sophie Anderton believes modelling made her a 'bag of bones'

Sophie Anderton had to be a "bag of bones" for her career.

The 38-year-old model - who shot into the limelight in 1996 after becoming the face and body of Gossard's Wonderbra, has admitted she "hated" having to starve herself in order to keep her tiny size six frame for her potential fashion jobs.

She explained: "At school I was sporty. But that all stopped when I became a model, and I just had to be very skinny. I'm still a size six but I weigh more than nine stone now. Muscle is heavier than fat but takes up less space. I hated being so thin. Strong is the new skinny, that's my motto."

The brunette beauty is now on a mission to make a name for herself in the sporting world and believes her passion and expertise will allow her to become a "wellness guru."

She added: "Transformation is a marathon, not a sprint. There are no quick fixes, whether that's dangerous drugs or fad diets, which I hate. Show diets, before fashion week. I was never anorexic. You just didn't eat."

As well as pouring her heart and soul into exercise, Sophie - who works out six days a week - has also ditched the booze.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I don't even drink any more.Two glasses and I'm sloshed. I just don't like it."