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Sophia Webster: Gwen Stefani inspires me

Sophia Webster: Gwen Stefani inspires me

Sophia Webster's latest collection was inspired by Gwen Stefani.

The British footwear designer launched her own label in 2012 and it has gone from strength to strength since.

Her Autumn/Winter 15 range is packed full of unique designs, such as Technicolor versions of her famed butterfly-motif sandals with wings on the heel. Sophia had one stylish star in mind when designing the shoes.

"Well the title [of the collection] is Freak Like Me, so it's kind of a circus, carnival influence. Every collection always seems to start off with Gwen Stefani. Because everyone googles for references now so there are these same images that get rehashed and overused, so it's important to draw from my own experiences because these are entirely unique to me," he explained to "I spent all of my teenage years wanting to be Gwen, so in a slightly stalkerish way, that’s where I always go back to. So this time I was thinking of the No Doubt days, and there were a lot of black and white optic prints, which then kind of evolved into circus, which then went down the Cirque de Soleil route."

Sophia is keeping busy with other ventures too, such as her new Barbie line and a Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe collaboration. Whenever she puts on a show the blonde fashionista has three staples to get her through: beetroot juice, coffee and hot food.

Speaking about her experiences of hair products since teaming up with Toni & Guy, Sophia shared her regime.

"I always need a serum or shine spray, because I have a baby, so I tend to just get out the shower and leave my hair," she added.

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