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Sophia Amoruso: Don't pigeonhole Nasty Gal

Sophia Amoruso: Don't pigeonhole Nasty Gal

Sophia Amoruso doesn't want Nasty Gal to become known for one style.

The brand originally started life as an eBay store, but has grown into the go-to place for fashionistas around the world.

However, Sophia is wary that people will pigeonhole the label if she's not careful.

“There are definitely things that we’ve become more known for, whether it was intentional or not, and that’s something we want to be really careful about because we’re not one style," she admitted to "There are staples that I think every girl would love, whether it’s a vintage caftan or a leather jacket or high-waisted jeans. Those aren’t things that are risqué or trends in any way - they’re perennial staples - and I think it was from selling those pieces, originally vintage, that they became a part of our playbook about what we buy and what we present to our customer."

In the nine years since Sophia launched Nasty Gal, the retailer has been dubbed one of "the fastest growing companies" by Inc. Magazine, amassed 1.5million Instagram followers and created its own designs, as well as stocking other people's clothes and accessories.

Having such a strong social media presence means Nasty Gal has become as much about its customer than its products, and Sophia embraces the relationship she has with clients.

"It’s amazing how directly you can connect with people via social media. As someone who grew up in a world with brands that felt so far away from who you were and had so little understanding of who you were and spoke to you like you were a moron, we’re all celebrating that we’re not shopping from a place that is run by someone who has to do a bunch of research to figure out whether they’re supposed to say ‘cool’ or ‘rad'.

"And people feel it when there’s someone real on the other end and when there isn’t, and I think we’re probably the best at that as far as brands go - and I don’t really say I’m the best at anything, but I can very comfortably say that," she smiled.

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