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Soo Joo Park’s spontaneous dye decision

Soo Joo Park’s spontaneous dye decision

Soo Joo Park didn’t realise blue is the hardest hair colour to get rid of until after she’d dyed hers.

As well as being one of Karl Lagerfeld’s muses, Park has landed two massive beauty campaigns with Redken and L’Oréal Paris over the last year. Those roles may lead some to expect the model to think long and hard before switching up her look, but her recent aqua locks were actually a spur-of-the-moment decision.

“Most of the time these days, I go to Redken and they do everything for me, but this is more like a punk moment,” she told “My primary colour has been blond, but I have had different colours in the past. I’ve had pink and really lavender-ish grey, but blue is my favourite colour. I just kind of went with it, and then afterward I found out blue is the hardest colour to take out, so that should be interesting!”

On top of that, Park decided against visiting a swanky salon for her style overhaul. Instead, she selected the shade she liked in a store and gave things a whirl on her own. To ensure she didn’t wreck her locks, the star mixed some of the Manic Panic dye in Bad Boy Blue with a treatment, so it didn’t come out as bright and cared for her hair while working its magic.

She found the whole process very easy and is now having a lot of fun trying out new make-up looks. That’s included covering her nails in a light blue shade so they match her new do and testing out what silver eye make-up looks like with it.

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