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Soo Joo Park's milky beauty secret

Soo Joo Park's milky beauty secret

Soo Joo Park and her mother used to bathe in milk.

The gorgeous model has made history by becoming the first Asian-American face of L'Oréal Paris.

She was introduced to the world of beauty at a young age and can still clearly recall the first trick she was taught.

"My fondest and earliest beauty memories are with my mom, of course. She has always had flawless skin, and her trick was to wash and bathe in milk," she smiled to Modelinia.

"She’d pour it in a wash basin after she bathed me and first we’d soak our face in it, then our bodies. I’d lick it off my face and my mom would laugh! I’ve always loved milk."

It wasn't the only way Soo Joo's mother kept her up to date with beauty. She'd also let her daughter in on trends by giving her the free gifts she bagged when she bought her favourite brand, Lancôme.

But for a long time, Soo Joo had to keep her look subtle.

"Flavoured lip glosses were trendy when I was growing up, and since my parents didn’t let me wear make-up until I was older, it was the most I could get away with! I had a drawer full of them in my room; they’re probably still there in my parent’s house!" she laughed.

Thanks to her bleached blonde hair, Soo Joo now has a very iconic look. Her pale eyebrows suit her perfectly, but the fashion star wishes she could channel her inner Cara Delevingne.

"I love thick brows, but it’s a look that doesn’t suit me. It’s a bummer, but can’t win ‘em all!" she admitted.

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