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Simone Rocha: 'I don't care about mass appeal'

Simone Rocha: 'I don't care about mass appeal'

Simone Rocha would have gone to work for H&M if she wanted her clothes to have mass appeal.

The fashion designer has no issue with her pieces only being worn by a select group of people. She understands that's the path she's chosen, and she's very happy with it as those who do opt for her looks tend to become obsessed with them.

"If I wanted my clothes to be used by the masses, I would work for a company like H&M," she told Hello! Fashion Monthly. "It is not the path that I have chosen. I want to make something special because I feel that I can translate work into garments that people can wear day to day. It is a special kind of person: someone who can appreciate it, someone who can see what has gone into it."

Simone believes this passion translates into her designs and is one of the reasons why her fans keep coming back for new season launches.

"I hope that when people buy something, they feel it's a special piece, and when they wear it they feel special," she said. "I'd like it if they felt something from it they wouldn't get if it was just off the rack and there were thousands of them."

Simone's father is the legendary designer John Rocha and while he was supportive, he didn't tell her exactly how to find her feet in fashion. When she told him she was following in his footsteps he was clear that she'd need to work on her own, which is why she went to train in London, UK, rather than going to Ireland as he did.

"For me, it's about creating something where I feel that I've thought of something that I can translate into clothes for someone to wear," she noted. "What I do is bespoke and personal, and people want to buy into that."

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