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Simone Cipriani's biggest regret

Simone Cipriani's biggest regret

Simone Cipriani regrets losing the first small cooperative under this do-good company.

The businessman created and manages the Ethical Fashion Initiative, which connects artisans from less developed countries to bigger international proceedings. By doing so those less fortunate receive vital help with creating ethical fashion pieces for high end labels.

Although Simone is proud of what his company has achieved over the years, he is sad that not everything has remained the same.

"The biggest regret... To have lost the first small cooperative we created and supported in Kenya," he told Huffington Post. "It disintegrated and its members continue to work with the skills they acquired, but independently and on a small scale. Work is about people. Every single person lost is a blow and a regret."

Simone's company is a flagship programme of the International Trade Centre. He founded the cause in 2009 and by 2013 he was included in Business of Fashion’s list of 500 People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry.

He has witnessed his work do great things and reveals what initially spurred him on.

"It happened when I saw the disasters of applying the mass production paradigm to a reality based on artisanal production and a social setting that is very different from what you find in Asia; big factories that risked spawning exploitation instead of providing jobs that bring a positive change in the lives of people," he recalled. "In the meanwhile, artisans were deprived of their market and of the possibility to use their skills. Margins are so low in mass-produced fashion goods that there were no real possibilities for artisans to engage."

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