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Silvia Fendi plans on keeping her anonymity

Silvia Fendi plans on keeping her anonymity

Silvia Fendi likes being anonymous.

The creative director of accessories and menswear at Fendi, and the granddaughter of founders Adela and Edoardo, contributes a great deal to the brand but is rarely in the spotlight. Unlike high-profile Fendi’s womenswear designer Karl Lagerfeld, she prefers it this way.

"I am not so iconic because I have a different life to Karl,” she told The Week. “I don't like to be someone who can't walk in the street. I like to keep my anonymity."

The pair have shared some great ideas though, such as the label’s iconic range of Bag Bugs, little monster keyrings resembling pompoms with bejewelled eyes. Since their launch several years ago they’ve become a hit with a younger audience of shoppers and have even won over famous fans.

“We were talking about the identity of Fendi and the double-F logo for 'Fun Fur'. So the idea was to have something that was just for fun,” Silvia recalled fondly of working with Lagerfeld. “I made a Karl version (of the Bag Bug) for his birthday and presented it the day before the show. Then we gave to it Cara (Delevingne) to wear and everyone was crazy for it. So we put it into production."

In her 50s now, Silvia is welcoming new generations to her family as her own children, including jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi, have become parents too. She hopes her grandchildren, especially the girls, will enjoy the success she’s been able to in the fashion industry.

“I think for the next generations, it's going to be such a plus to be a woman,” she smiled. “When women reach certain levels (in their career), they have been working so hard because it is still so difficult. But when they get there, they are so prepared and committed, they do great. It is getting easier, but this difficulty also makes us work harder.”

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