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Silvia Fendi is fixated on tidiness

Silvia Fendi is fixated on tidiness

Silvia Fendi is “obsessed” with order.

The creative director of accessories and menswear at Fendi spends a lot of time at the brand’s studio Palazzo della Civilta Italiana in Italy working on new designs for various collections. Although things get rather busy in the space, Silvia ensures her environment is kept tidy at all times in order for her to focus properly.

“I am very obsessed by order,” she told the New York Times, giving a tour of her office. “These are all closets full of documents, and we have our archives where we keep all the leathers we have been using, all the ideas, all the sketches, all the samples. They’re divided into canvasses and woven leathers and floral and things like that. So I can ask, ‘Can you bring me here everything that is about gold?’ And it arrives here in this room, and I start researching. I never stop.”

Despite how hectic the workplace can be Silvia always makes time for laughter and fun, noting humour is extremely important at the brand. Fendi’s womenswear creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, has also injected his own fun into proceedings, designing the double F logo in the 70s, standing for ‘fun fur’.

Silvia is the daughter of one of the brand’s second generation, Anna, whose parents Adela and Edoardo founded Fendi in 1925. She joined in 1994, but always knew she’d work in the family business.

“My mother was... never pushing, but she thought that somebody had to take her place. And she knew that I was very much interested," Silvia shared before going on to explain how she began training by her grandmother's side. "When I was 13, 14, I decided that school was not for me. So I went to my mother and said: ‘I want to stop studying. It’s not interesting. I don’t like it.'... so she said: “O.K., come tomorrow. The operator is sick, and you will start from there.'”

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