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Sienna Miller: David Bowie is my fashion inspiration

Sienna Miller: David Bowie is my fashion inspiration

Sienna Miller says David Bowie is her style icon.

The 34-year-old actress has revealed the late 'Starman' hitmaker has always influenced what clothes she wears because of his fashion "freedom" and bold experimentations with his look over the years leading up to his passing in January.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about her muse, she said: "David Bowie (is my biggest style icon) because he could morph into anything. His freedom of expression was hugely inspiring."

Although she was one of the world's biggest trend-setters in the 2000s, Sienna admits since the birth of her daughter Marlow, now three, and the reality that she is maturing as a woman means she's not as preoccupied with clothes as she once was.

The 'Burnt' star thinks she has lost her "personal style" and now has a few go-to looks that she relies on each day.

Sienna - who is the ambassador of Hugo Boss fragrance BOSS Orange - said: "I don't feel like I have personal style. Day-to-day I wear jeans and a T-Shirt, maybe with nice shoes and a nice bag, and accessories that I love. But I don't have time to put stuff together the way I used to. When I was younger that was a really big part of my life, but with a more mature head, it doesn't occupy my mind in the same way. When I go out, I'm much more tailored than I used to be."