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Sherman: Edun is something special

Sherman: Edun is something special

Danielle Sherman is building something "really unique and special" with Edun.

The fashion house was founded in 2005 by Ali Hewson and her U2 rocker husband Bono and Danielle works as creative director at the brand.

Since then it has become a runway regular, showing biannually in New York, which helps to promote its ethic of fair trade in Africa.

"Edun is definitely built on the strength of an idea; we are building something really unique and special. It’s a bigger story in the sense that there is a greater purpose. It’s definitely an honour to be part of something where, thankfully, my ideas are supported and will have an influence in the long term," Danielle told Matches Fashion.

"I think in fashion, the idea of long term is a fairly novel concept. But asking the question, 'What can we do now that can benefit people in the long-term?' is why Bono and Ali founded Edun. Then it’s really about creating a brand that people want to support and attach themselves to."

Danielle describes her trips to Africa as "mind-expanding", and she loves the special experience of visiting Edun's factories.

The designer can't pinpoint just one culture or person that inspires her, but Danielle does know who her customer is.

"We envisage a global woman when we design the clothes. She’s not someone who stays in one place, she’s someone who travels and can pick up on the same influences that we do. It is someone who has an attention to detail and quality, who is very curious about what is going on – not just in fashion, but around the world. There’s not one specific age or decade that we attach ourselves to – it’s really just a feeling of what I think a modern woman is today," she explained.

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