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Shay Mitchell feels 'sexier' in a one-piece swimsuit

Shay Mitchell feels 'sexier' in a one-piece swimsuit

Shay Mitchell loves to wear swimsuits because they make her feel "sexier".

The 29-year-old actress has admitted she prefers to wear a one-piece swimsuit when she is on holiday because it leaves "more to the imagination", and is more flattering for her because it allows her to disguise her stomach after she has indulged in a few alcoholic beverages.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the wardrobe staples whilst travelling, she said: "I think they're great.

"When I'm on vacation I like to eat a lot and have a couple cocktails so I don't want to have to worry about squeezing into a two-piece. And I think a one-piece is just, I don't know. I enjoy them. I think now with all the different styles and designs, there is so much to choose from and I think they're almost even sexier in a way. I think it almost leaves more to the imagination and it's just very flattering on any body type."

Meanwhile the 'Pretty Little Liars' star has admitted she would advise her younger self to embrace her body and her assets more than she did.

The brunette beauty - who was appointed the ambassador for the beauty brand Bioré earlier this year - explained: "Growing up I always tried to be somebody that I wasn't. I think as I got older I sort of look back and if I could tell myself, my younger self, or anybody younger than me or older or whatever, I think it would be just really to embrace what you're born with.

"I think celebrating your uniqueness is something that we sometimes forget to do.

"We always look at somebody else and we're like, 'Oh, I wish I had her dot dot dot.' I think instead of looking inwards and trying to make yourself a better person and appreciating what you were born with."