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Shanina Shaik's sweet treats

Shanina Shaik's sweet treats

Shanina Shaik has a huge sweet tooth and can’t help tucking into chocolate ice cream.

The Australian model is known for her flawless figure, which she shows off in lingerie for underwear giant Victoria’s Secret.

While she sticks to a healthy eating regime the majority of the time, Shanina admits she’s just like everyone else when it comes to sweet treats.

“I eat according to my blood type and tend to eat very healthy anyway: protein and vegetables in the morning, like an egg white omelette,” she told Women’s Health magazine.

“But I have a huge sweet tooth! Chocolate ice cream, like cookies and cream, that’s my go-to.”

To battle any signs of a bulge, Shanina makes sure she puts the time in at the gym. The 25-year-old’s toned arms and washboard stomach are thanks to hours spent exercising, and she doesn’t let her routine slip even when she’s away.

“I work out four to five times a week and change my workout from cycling to running, and yoga to Pilates,” she outlined.

“Depending on what country I’m in, it’ll be a hotel gym or running outside. Then sometimes I do vinyasa yoga or Pilates in my hotel room."

Earlier this year (16), the brunette beauty admitted that in the run up to a Victoria’s Secret show she ups her workouts, hitting the gym twice a day for the two weeks before the runway presentation.

While she acknowledges it’s an extreme way to exercise, Shanina says the hard work is worth it as she feels so good about herself.

“I think all the girls workout so hard that it doesn’t really bother us that much (that we can’t be retouched as it’s a live show), and obviously we have a great styling team that chooses lingerie that fits our body,” she told Vogue Australia.

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