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Shanina Shaik's daily double workouts

Shanina Shaik's daily double workouts

Shanina Shaik put in extreme gym workouts before the 2015 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

The Australian beauty stunned in lingerie by the brand, including a black corset reminiscent of a fairy outfit with added wings.

Looking that good doesn’t come natural, even for models, and Shanina admits she upped her fitness regime before the big show in November (15).

“Definitely. I work out consistently throughout the year but leading up to the show I was going to the gym a lot more, and maybe like a week or two weeks before, I would go twice a day,” she told Australia’s Vogue magazine. “It’s extreme but I feel really good about myself when all the hard work pays off.

“I think all the girls workout so hard that it doesn’t really bother us that much (that we can’t be retouched as it’s a live show), and obviously we have a great styling team that chooses lingerie that fits our body.”

Despite hailing from Down Under, 25-year-old Shanina now resides in New York and tries out every year to be a part of the Victoria’s Secret show. She’d love to receive her Angel wings from the company, and also has dreams of working with Maybelline or L’Oreal on a make-up contract.

Her advice for aspiring models from Australia is to first focus on the local market, before setting your sights on world domination.

“I think it’s important to finish school and be very confident in yourself,” she added. “In modelling, you’re going to hear a lot more ‘no’ than ‘yes’. You need a tough skin, but just remember to be your complete self and show personality.”

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