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Shanina Shaik opens up about Victoria's Secret diet

Shanina Shaik opens up about Victoria's Secret diet

Shanina Shaik insists rumours of Victoria's Secret models' strict diets are hugely exaggerated, as they need to eat to maintain their energy.

The 24-year-old star was one of a host of models to strut her stuff during the lingerie company's annual fashion show in New York City on Tuesday (10Nov15), donning a black corset with fringing and oversized wings for her turn on the catwalk.

Before her big moment the star spoke about how she had prepared for it, laying speculation about the model's eating habits to rest. In 2011, Victoria's Secret regular Adriana Lima hit the headlines after admitting she cuts out solid food nine days before her catwalk appearance and then stops drinking any liquids 12 hours before she goes on stage.

This isn't the case for Shanina, who told KIISFM's Kyle And Jackie O show: "There's breakfast, we have lunch (and) we have a dinner before the show starts. We need to keep our energy up so it's important that we do eat."

Stars including Gigi Hadid appear to agree with Shanina, as Gigi was spotted munching on sandwiches before making her show debut at the Lexington Armory. However, that's not to say Shanina ditches the diet completely before show day.

"I like to eat a lot of protein and vegetables, (and) drink lots of water," she explained to TV show Sunrise. "I love my food, I love chocolate, I like ice cream, so I'll eat it every now and then."

In the past, the star has admitted chopping alcohol from her diet before the annual fashion extravaganza, and she also makes sure she ups the exercise too.

"I'm not that much of a drinker, anyway, you feel so much better when you don't drink," she previously explained. "I'm a normal person, I have my insecurities... I hit the gym two to three months before... I train extra hard, although I work out all the time..I'm consistent. I have to look show-ready all the time."

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