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Selena Gomez sleeps in a 'sweat bed'

Selena Gomez sleeps in a 'sweat bed'

Selena Gomez sleeps in a "sweat bed" to cleanse her body of toxins.

The 23-year-old singer songwriter has admitted she wears a "space suit" for 45 minutes three times per week, which makes her sweat out all of the bad toxins in her body but leaves her skin feeling great, and has revealed she has brought the item with her whilst she is on her 'Revival' tour.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the unusual product she cannot go without, she said: "I have a sweat bed. I usually get in it for 45 minutes to an hour, and I just sweat in this space suit looking thing which is really hilarious, and I look disgusting. But it's also so good for you. It's good to get out all the toxins. I did it at least three times a week before I left for tour. And then we brought it on the road as well because it makes me feel good. My skin feels great and it just gets out all the bad stuff."

And the 'Kill 'Em With Kindness' hitmaker has revealed she has advised her friends to follow her beauty hacks and try the sweat beds.

She explained: "I do share Shape House. I've taken a few of my friends there to try the sweat beds, just because it really does help your skin and it really helps kind of your body get out everything. I've shared that a lot.

"As far as products, I actually love trying all different kinds of things. So I like to keep my face very clean. I'm always about just doing random mud masks or have a night of just doing that with my girls. I feel like I'm very easy when it comes to that stuff. I also really like putting lotion on my feet and then putting socks over it for a few hours because it makes your feet really soft."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who recently broke the record for the most liked Instagram post ever, attracting 4 million likes for a photo of herself sipping Coca-Cola - has revealed she a new found love for essential oils.

She explained: "Essential oils which are kind of my thing lately. I just love the way that everything can kind of consistently smell the same.

"I just try to keep everything similar, so everywhere we go we kind of feel at home."