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Scarlett Rose Leithold: Instagram has changed modelling

Scarlett Rose Leithold: Instagram has changed modelling

Model Scarlett Rose Leithold wants people to acknowledge that being scouted on Instagram is just like being discovered on the street.

The stunning fashion star has a huge social media presence but was actually approached by a scout at an airport aged 14. Now a face of Brandy Melville clothing, the pretty blonde wants to speak out for people in the industry who don't get enough recognition.

“People say things about Instagram models, that they’re not real models," she explained to "It’s pretty much the same as scouting someone on the street. They find someone on Instagram and think, ‘Wow this girl is really going to work for us.’ I think it’s great that social media has set up an opportunity for all these people now."

Scarlett Rose, 18, couldn't look more confident as she poses in everything from glitzy dresses to swimwear. However, she hasn't always been this comfortable in her skin and admits she too grew up insecure, with people criticising her slim frame.

“Anyone can tell you what it’s like not to feel perfect," she said. "In school I was mostly seen as too skinny. That’s my body type. Kids will be mean to each other out of their own insecurities. I went through school thinking that the way I looked was wrong. People would tell me I need to eat more, that I look unhealthy.”

Now the star is using these experiences to channel positive energy and help others. She hopes that by reaching out to young girls, she can save them some pain.

“I get a lot of direct messages asking for advice," she revealed. "Teenage girls have a lot on their minds. They’re insecure about their body types or what’s happening at school. I’ve been through it all many times. I was able to help them through stuff and it’s a really great feeling.”

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