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Savannah Miller: Brides should be comfortable

Savannah Miller: Brides should be comfortable

Savannah Miller's designs help brides strike the balance between beautiful and comfortable.

Savannah, the big sister of Hollywood star Sienna, has been working as a designer for over a decade, earning her style stripes at Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson. She's also co-created a line with Sienna, Twenty8Twelve, as well as label Nine for British high street retailer Debenhams. She now also designs bridal wear for New York brand Stone Fox Bride.

"Obviously people don’t want to be wearing their pyjamas on their wedding day, but there has to be a balance between a beautiful, flattering dress and being comfortable so you can enjoy the best day of your life,” Savannah explained to New York Post. “I worked with beautiful cloth to create the ultimate bohemian gowns - they’re dreamy and whimsical and they have a sort of English-ness about them.”

Savannah has designed seven dresses for the collection, with price tags ranging from $3,700 to $5,900. Much like Sienna, Savannah also favours a boho style which is reflected in her free-spirited gowns. She works closely with Stone Fox Bride founder Molly Guy, with both women having a shared style interest.

“She’s very ambitious and a very bohemian mother; she has a really great business head on her and she’s feisty,” Savannah smiled. “It’s kindred spirit stuff.”

The collaboration came about organically, after Molly sought inspiration from Savannah's wedding dress. Paying a tribute a year later on Instagram, the two quickly struck up a friendship.

“It was kind of extraordinary because I was already following her on Instagram, and then I saw my wedding dress,” Savannah explained. "We got on a call and that was it.”

“She was covered in flowers, she had a cape... it was super beatific,” Molly added. “I saved a picture of Savannah’s dress and said, ‘We need to create a place for this kind of bride.’"

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