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Sarah Stephens: Obsession with looks is unhealthy

Sarah Stephens: Obsession with looks is unhealthy

Sarah Stephens' top advice to young models is to have hobbies outside of the fashion world.

The Australian model made a name for herself walking for Victoria's Secret and starring in campaigns for Sass and Bide, Levi's and underwear brand Bonds. When she's not modelling Sarah has a lot to keep herself busy, and says indulging in hobbies is the best way to keep positive about your body in an industry focused on looks.

"Find something that fulfils you outside the industry," she smiled to Australian Vogue. "You have to have hobbies and interests outside of modelling. You don't want to feel like your entire self-worth is based solely on your physical appearance. That isn’t healthy!"

Sarah walked in the 2008 Victoria's Secret show, wearing a pink tutu creation and sucking a lollipop. Her long hair was worn wavy, with a cute fringe framing her face. Being part of such an iconic brand, Sarah learnt a lot about being a model.

"How to deal with negativity; there was a lot of press and people either loved or loathed me," she recalled. "You’ve got to be able to take the good with the bad and not let it get to you. Be strong!

"(My advice for the new Victoria's Secret models is to) keep calm and stay true to yourself. Also, do not read the comments on the Internet. You don't need to listen to random strangers' opinions of yourself. You know who you are. Strut on out there confident and proud!"

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