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Sarah Jessica Parker will release a new jewellery line next week

Sarah Jessica Parker will release a new jewellery line next week

Sarah Jessica Parker is set to release a jewellery collection.

The 51-year-old actress has collaborated with London-based fine jewellery designer Kat Florence on a new accessories range called The Flawless Diamonds Collection, which is set to be unveiled on November 5.

And the 'Sex and The City' star has revealed she accepted the project because jewellery is "very special" to her.

She told Vogue magazine: "It is so personal. As an actor I have to remove all of my jewellery in order to take on the characters I play. I get to a trailer for work every day and I have to take off my jewellery to play a character, to be someone else. To me, jewellery is a very special choice."

Sarah has revealed the limited collection is not a "typical" jewellery capsule because it is divided into four sections to depict different eras such as The Heritage Chapter to celebrate Art Deco architecture.

She explained: "Kat's trying to create jewellery that is at a price point that is doable. That is not the typical philosophy [usually associated with] diamond jewellery. She is the opposite of the big diamond industry."

And Sarah - who has founded her own eponymous footwear line the SJP Collection, fragrance lines including her debut scent Lovely and her recent Little Black Dress capsule called the SJP LBD - will star as the model in the jewellery line's campaign.

And the star - who has recently launched her third fragrance Stash - insists she isn't a big shopper despite having a huge collection of outfits and shoes, although she has revealed she is "thoughtful" when she indulges in a bit of retail therapy and questions whether she truly needs the item before buying it.

Speaking previously, she said: "I'm actually not a huge shopper. I mean I have more shoes now because I have a shoe collection, but even that I'm very thoughtful about. What do I really need? What can I borrow? What can I not live without? I've never, ever, ever, taken anything."