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Sarah Ann Macklin: All models should have a nutritionist

Sarah Ann Macklin: All models should have a nutritionist

Sarah Ann Macklin believes all models should work with a nutritionist as soon as they enter the fashion business to stay healthy.

Macklin worked on the catwalk for 10 years before deciding to become a nutrition student and lifestyle mentor.

The brown-haired beauty wants to debunk the misconception that many models develop eating disorders to try and stay super-slim and insists most women working in the industry are naturally slim.

Speaking to the new issue of HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine, she said: "The biggest misconception is that models don't eat. A lot of girls really do enjoy food. The truth is that some girls are naturally slim and that's just in their genes - and why they're models. There are eating disorders in every walk of life, not just the fashion world, but I think models need to have nutritionists on hand as soon as they're signed so that they can make sure they adopt a healthy approach to food. There's so much negativity attached to the modelling industry and we need to support each other more. We can't blame agencies for eating disorders but I can't sit here and say they have no effect, either."

Macklin - who previously dated David Gandy - was inspired to change careers after constantly being asked by other models about her healthy meals and for diet and fitness advice.

She explained: "Other models would always ask me for advice on what was in the breakfasts that I'd take on shoots with me - often oats, milk and bananas that I'd put together the night before - and it was a light bulb moment ... The more I talked to these girls, the more I realised they were interested in how to be organised in terms of eating well and regularly.

"I've been in the industry for a long time and I know these girls do not have the time or money to be cooking elaborate meals, so I wanted to teach them simple snack and meal tips and tricks like freezing food to heat up later so there's no excuse not to eat well because of a busy schedule. I'm trying to change their relationships with food and tell them it's not sustainable to live on Diet Coke and coffee. You need to give your body nutrients, especially when you're not sleeping a lot during fashion week."