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Sara Sampaio talks Taylor Hill bond

Sara Sampaio talks Taylor Hill bond

Sara Sampaio thinks it's "hilarious" that people have nicknamed her and Taylor Hill 'Saylor'.

The two models were given their Victoria's Secret Angel wings last year (15), joining eight other newcomers to land the coveted role. Sara and Taylor, who at 20 years old is the youngest of the group, quickly bonded in their new positions and fans went crazy over their friendship.

“Since the beginning, we started getting paired a lot," Sara recalled to Vogue Australia. "I was going through Instagram and Twitter and saw a lot of people using #Saylor and I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever and I sent it to her and I think she was one of the first ones who posted one of the pictures with the hashtag #Saylor. Victoria’s Secret started using it and we were like, ‘Okay this is a thing now’.

"I love Taylor, she’s awesome. She’s the youngest of us all so sometimes you feel like you have to take care of her, like a big sister.”

Sara can still remember how shocked she was at being offered the job at the lingerie giant after working for them for three of four years beforehand.

After solidifying her talents at the brand, the Portuguese beauty was over the moon when "finally" presented with her dream role.

She kept the good news quiet for a while though as she didn't want to jinx it by telling everyone. “I was just scared they would take it away... Until (Victoria’s Secret) made the announcement, I didn’t really want to tell a lot of people... I waited like three or four months," she admitted.

Once everything was confirmed the new Angels quickly got underway with preparing for the fashion house's annual Fashion Show, which was held in November (15) and aired the next month (Dec15).

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