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Sara Sampaio: Lingerie's late bloomer

Sara Sampaio: Lingerie's late bloomer

Sara Sampaio might be a Victoria's Secret Angel, but she didn't own a bra until she was 16.

This year (15) the 24-year-old beauty from Portugal was awarded wings from the lingerie label and walked in the brand's annual Fashion Show earlier this month (Nov15). She looked stunning in yellow two-piece, but underwear hasn't always played such a big part in her life.

"I was late to lingerie," she admitted to Britain's InStyle magazine. "I bought my first bra at 16. I went to a local store in Portugal with my mum and grandma and chose a fabric bra. It was really uncomfortable."

She might have learnt more about sexy styles and getting the right fit in the past few years, but Sara still has some catching up to do when it comes to looking after delicate items. Many of the pieces in her underwear drawer should be hand washed, but the brunette beauty admits she often ends up "ruining them" by throwing them into the washing machine.

Over time Sara has realised what she likes in undergarments and insists feeling good is key. She likes her lingerie to be moulded to her body and often wears VS pieces off the runway too. She also knows a thing or two about what the opposite sex likes, although she admits it varies from guy to guy.

"They love red lingerie and something that gives a lift," she shared, cheekily adding: "And they like something that's easy to take off."

Of course looking good in lingerie also requires an intense fitness regime. Sara avoids cardio as it makes her lose weight too fast, but loves toning classes.

"I do resistance training, model fit workouts and ballet," she listed. "I grew up on a Mediterranean diet, so I like clean, simple food. But if there's pizza on a menu, I always end up ordering it. I can't resist it."

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