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Sara Sampaio: Art is personal

Sara Sampaio: Art is personal

Sara Sampaio thinks art needs to have soul.

The Portuguese model can normally be found showing off her enviable figure for lingerie and bikini shoots, which lead to her recent appointment as a Victoria Secret's Angel.

While she hasn't got much time for art galleries, Sara has a firm idea on what art really is.

"[Art is] putting all your soul into making something special. I am not really into paintings to be honest, but for me the art I love is when I see singers putting their heart into their song, actors giving the performance of their lives, and books and movies that make me feel something I never thought I could; there’s art in everything as long as it’s made with soul," she smiled to

Sara was given her VS wings earlier this year. She also has two Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions under her belt, as well as a Replay campaign with Irina Shayk.

In a round of quick fire questions Sara reveals the ocean, her dog and music most inspire her, and she has an irrational fear of bees and wasps - to the point that she'll have a panic attack if one flies too close.

When asked what surprised people most about her, the 24-year-old said it was her nationality.

"[That I'm] Portuguese. There aren’t a lot of Portuguese models, so everyone always expects me to be Brazilian because of my features, sometimes even American as I have a slight American accent when I speak English," she explained.

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