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Sandra Choi shares the shoe secret to elongating legs

Sandra Choi shares the shoe secret to elongating legs

Jimmy Choo's Sandra Choi recommends women buckle their ankle straps properly to elongate their legs.

The designer has created footwear at the famous label, favoured by stars such as Katy Perry and Diane Kruger, for over two decades now and is the niece of founder Jimmy Choo's wife, Rebecca. With an expert outlook on style, Choi has now shared some of her best shoe secrets.

"For the most flattering finish, the buckle of your ankle strap needs to touch the top of your ankle bone. It makes a lot of difference to your legs as it creates a lengthening effect; if it sits any lower, it 'cuts the leg' and has the opposite effect, making them look shorter than they actually are," she explained during an interview with The Edit magazine. "It's important to balance your ankle strap with your hemline, too - if a shoe has a thick ankle strap and you want to wear a midi skirt, make sure there's a good six inches of leg showing so that the overall look is elongating."

She also shared the perfect time of day to purchase new shoes, recommending fashion lovers shop in the afternoon when their feet are tired and more "generous" in size. Before wearing them out she stresses the importance of a test run around the house to avoid discomfort.

With spring currently in full swing for many countries, a lot women are readying themselves to walk down the aisle for a summer wedding.

Choi has some tips for those ladies when it comes to picking accessories for their dress, as she added: "I always advise brides to choose classic shoes that don't compete with their wedding dress but complement it. Women usually have a very specific (bridal) look in mind, but the shoes need to be timeless."

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