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Samantha Rollinson bigs up her bob

Samantha Rollinson bigs up her bob

Samantha Rollinson is proud to have rocked the same hairdo since she was five.

The 20-year-old model is riding high at the moment having worked with the likes of Chanel and Burberry. Her short brown bobbed hair is her most recognisable feature, with Samantha pleased she has something she's so known for.

"I have been rocking this bob haircut since the age of five. Growing up, I was always slim but I didn't think I looked noticeably different from my friends," she told British newspaper The Telegraph.

The model grew up in the north of the UK but has now relocated to London. She doesn't think she'll ever tire of the city and likes visiting its landmarks, such as Liberty's department store.

Helping the British capital feel like home are the star's housemates, who are also models.

"I live with two models, Eve Delf and Charlotte Wiggins. We all get on really well and always watch TV together with a nice cup of tea," she explained. "I like cooking for them too - spaghetti Bolognese made in my slow cooker is my speciality. When we're not working we're just like any other group of girls in their 20s having a laugh. I wouldn't say that people treat us any differently just because we are models."

Samantha was happy to chat about her beauty routine, which is pretty low key. It takes her about ten minutes to put her make-up on as she doesn't like to wear much, usually opting for mascara, concealer and a bit of perfume.

Fashion-wise things are a little different, as the model has a precise look she likes to flaunt.

"My day-to-day outfit usually comprises skinny jeans and a patterned shirt, and I love vintage jumpers. I will wear a beautiful silk shirt for a pick-me-up or if I want to impress, and I'm rarely without my Mulberry bag and Saint Laurent boots," she said.

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